66 Series Alarms Back-Up Alarms

$ 29.95

Product Features:

  • CRS Technology™
  • Long-term reliability
  • Compact, rear-facing speaker with heavy duty housing
  • Available in a variety of decibel options
  • Industry-standard mounting holes
  • Almost completely protects the speaker from the damage often caused by high-pressure spray, dirt, and fine dust!

  • Standard Beep: Standard single tone, familiar wand widely recognized “reverse” tone
  • Dual Tone “DT”: Constant emission of sound by switching between two sounds
  • Dual Function “DF”: Alarm can beep in standard single tone, then by applying voltage to a third wire have the tone change to a two tone
  • Selectable decibel “S”: Select between two loudness levels by applying voltage to a third wire
  • Night Silent “NS”: Can disable the alarm by applying voltage to a third wire (required in some jurisdictions) ·
  • Auto Adjust “A”: Automatically selects its volume based on environment within its listed operating range


  • Amp Draw:   0.3 amps
  • Dimensions:  4-3/16” W x 3-1/16” H x 2” D


    *   Meets SAE J994 Requirements